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Friday, March 16, 2012

Gym Bang - 3 (pending)

Chapter 3

Written by Eric_HotStories.

This chapter is based on real events.

Eric couldn’t wrap his head around the hot suck scene in the fitness center’s massage room just the other day. He was so horny, but so frustrated that closing time had forced the gym staff to ask him to leave, leaving the hot and lean Brian behind. As the door closed behind him that night, he could only fantasize about what might have happened after he’d gone.

Tonight, Eric was back at the fitness center. He only had 45 minutes till closing time…just enough to lift some weights and work off the building tension in his muscles. At this late hour, the gym was deserted. There was just another guy on the treadmill… decent build, probably in his late 20s, and deeply engrossed with some music blasting through his earphones as he paced his run. There was a woman in her early 30s, doing some light exercises in the far corner. Eric staked his claim to the free weights area and started to set up for his bench presses.

As he was on his back, about to start lifting, he looked up to see Dominic standing over his head, offering to spot him. It took all of his concentration to focus on lifting, because he couldn’t take his eyes of the muscled hunk hovering over his head. He could still make out Dominic’s muscled legs and sizeable bulge, even if these were tightly wrapped in the dark blue track pants that the fitness trainers wore. Dominic’s narrow waist led up to his massive chest, which his white and modestly tight shirt emphasized. Dominic was looking down at him, and their eyes met. Dominic’s slight smile, which Eric thought to be laden with hidden meaning, almost caused him to drop the heavy bar he was lifting. But Dominic helped him keep his control.

As Eric continued with his workout routine, Dominic stayed beside him, helping him…and making small talk. Eric couldn’t bear the simmering tension. He softly whispered to Dominic, “…about the other day… that was hot. Have you known that guy long? Is he a regular gym-goer here…?”

In a conspiratorial tone, Dominic replied, “ Yeah…he’s a regular member here. But I’ve known Brian… that’s his name, …you know…I’ve only just known him since last week”.  And he winked.

“So, how did this all start... I mean, you know about…this Brian, and why he’s ok to getting sucked right there in the massage room…and you seem cool about it…unless you’ve already ‘been there’ with him….you know…”

As Eric continued through his routine, with Dominic helping him out, they talked about Brian some more, in hushed low voices.

Brian was in his mid-20s, probably 25 years old. His father, Colonel Javier, was also a member of the fitness center, as was his married brother, Brent, who was 32 years old. His father and brother occasionally came to the gym, but usually in the late afternoons and on weekends. Brian was a Physical Education instructor and the swimming coach at the nearby university…which explains his lean muscled physique and tanned body.

Eric was all ears, as Dominic recalled how he had come to know Brian…

“I recall seeing Brian come to the gym maybe 3 or 4 times a week. He usually comes late at night. Brian is the quiet type. He smiles sparingly, he keeps to himself, he usually has his iPhone plugged into his ears listening to music while he works out”.

 “I only started doing the night/closing shift starting last week. As you can see, it’s always slowest late at night, when the gym is about to close”.

“So last week, I was fixing up to close the gym, and Brian was the only one here working out. After I finished closing down the group class studio, I then came into the gym area. Brian had gone, or so I thought. So I turned down the lights. Then I went into the locker area, and decided to take a quick shower before leaving for home. I thought of soaking myself in the hot tub, before I closed it for the night”.

The hot tub was in an alcove, just to the right of the sauna, at the far end of the hallway beside the shower rooms and lockers. You have to turn the corner, after the sauna, go up four steps and into the hot tub.

“Our gym supervisor, Raymond, who’s also on the night shift, had left just a few minutes before I stepped into the shower So I thought I was alone, I thought Brian had left already because the gym and locker room were now empty; I was alone.”

“So I walked into the hot tub alcove. The lights were off, but the jacuzzi was still running. I was naked as I stepped up and into the hot water. I was startled a bit, because someone was there…! It was quite dark, but I recognized Brian. He was naked too, and soaking in the hot tub. I think he was just as startled when I stepped into the tub”.

“So we sat there, side by side. After a few minutes, I could see his right hand start to play with himself…and his left hand started to rub his chest and play with his nipples. His head was leaned back and his eyes were closed. I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I just closed my eyes, and leaned back too, as he did. But I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at what he was doing”.

“Then…I felt fingers touching my nipples and tweaking it. Ooooohhh…I have very sensitive nipples, so while I sort of pulled back a bit, because I wasn’t really into this man-to-man thing…but the electric zap I felt as Brian started to play with my nipples was making me weak in the knees”.

Eric was sitting on the lateral pull-down machine and he could feel Dominic’s growing bulge press against his back and shoulders, as he was pulling down on the bar. Dominic was whispering some more now, and starting to grind his groin against Eric’s back. Eric quickly looked around, and noticed that the man on the treadmill had disappeared, but the other lady in the gym was on the far side doing some floor exercises facing away. Eric was feeling hornier, but he couldn’t do anything because they were in plain view of anyone who could walk into the gym. He just kept still…hanging on to the pull-down bar above him, while hoping that Dominic would continue.

“I pushed Brian back against the hot tub, and reached out to tweak his nipples too, as he was doing to me. This drove Brian wild….he was holding on the sides of the tub, and I moved in as he was spreading out his legs. I pinched and twisted his nipples harder now…making Brian whimper and moan softly”

Eric could see Dominic started to caress his massive chest and play with his hardening nipples through his tight white shirt with his right hand, while his left hand held Eric’s shoulder firmly, keeping up the pressure of his bulge on Eric’s back.

And Dominic continued…

“I don’t know what got over me…but with my other hand, I grabbed his balls. When I did that, Brian just spread his legs out even more, pulling up his knees closer to his chest as he kept hanging on to the sides of the hot tub. Seeing that, I probed for his asshole, and started to rub my finger hard around his twitching hole”.

Eric couldn’t help but sprout a hard-on too. Now he couldn’t stand up from the seat of the pull-down lats machine because his gym shorts were clearly tenting out, outlining his big hard cock. Sitting still was clearly the better option, unless they wanted to scandalize the lady working out at the far end.

Dominic continued talking…

“It was so damn hot to see this good-looking lean and muscled guy going wild. I didn’t know that a guy could enjoy having his asshole poked like that. So I did that…I pushed in one finger…and that’s when Brian actually moaned so hard I thought I had hurt him so bad. But no, he was moaning. Yeah, yeah….do it, do it…he was saying”.

Dominic was now rubbing Eric’s neck and caressing his ears…and this was driving him nuts, as he could feel the outline of Dominic’s thick fat cock rub against his back.

“His hole was so tight. I pushed Brian up sides of the hot tub and out of the water. Brian fell on his back beside the tub, with his ass perched at the edge of the tub. He grabbed both his knees to his chest, exposing his hole.  I was still in the tub, but I moved closer. I spit on my fingers, rubbed some of it on his hole, and pushed my finger back on. Then I pushed in two, then three fingers. All the while, Brian was panting hard and moaning just so softly but deeply…almost whimpering, and hoarsely whispering....deeper, deeper, deeper”.

“I was getting so hot myself. I put some spit on my other hand, and started to jerk my thick cock. I was so hard, I couldn’t believe it. This was just so new, so hot, so different for me”.

Eric just sat there, feeling Dominic’s hard cock on his back. He dropped his own hands to his legs, and started to grab his own hard cock through his gym shorts, just very discreetly rubbing himself slowly. Dominic’s one hand still kept caressing his ears and neck, but his other hand was now kneading his shoulders and down towards his chest a little more forcefully.

“At that moment, instinct just took over. I stood up to position myself between Brian’s wide-open legs, put a lot of spit on my cock, and pointed my cock at his hole. I couldn’t imagine how my big tool could go into that little hole, but I was too far gone to reason that out…”, Dominic chuckled, as he ground his groin in slow circles against Eric’s back…showing him how big and fat his cock really was.

Eric could feel his face go very red. He was almost holding his breath, as if he thought the lady at the far end of the gym, still doing her floor exercises, could hear them. His heart was beating hard, and he could feel his blood pounding in his ear, as he strained to listen to Dominic, who was whispering more hoarsely now.

“I wasn’t thinking straight anymore…I grabbed Brian’s ankles and put them on my shoulders. I grabbed his thighs, and pulled him hard toward me, as I put all of my weight into pushing my cock into his hot and very tight hole”.

“Brian tried to raise his head and body up, as he realized what was happening. No, no, no….he was now shouting, and trying to push my body away as I leaned my weight down on him. But his legs weren’t pushing…he was opening his legs to let me in some more. It was like his mind was telling him he shouldn’t be doing this. But below the waist, his body was too far into the sensation”.

“He was very tight, very hot…and I just grabbed him by his legs even more and started to push in and out of his hole, slowly at first, and then going faster. Brian struggled to get up and away from my pounding only for a while, before he leaned back again, and started to growl and moan, biting his lips as he tossed his head from side to side”.

Dominic now leaned down a bit. With both hands, he reached down, and gently tweaked Eric’s nipples through the thin material of his dri-fit workout shirt. Eric could imagine what it must have been like…the hot jets of the jacuzzi, Brian’s muted moans and Dominic’s hard breathing…and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh in the semi-darkness.

“It was the tightest, hottest, most unexpected fuck I’ve had. My cock was so hard; I thought it would burst right through Brian. And I just kept pushing it in and out of his warm hole. I leaned some more into him, and reached out to play with his nipples. This only made him open up his legs some more. He looked so hot, on his back, with his legs now wide open, and his hands spread out on the ground trying to keep himself steady while I pounded away”.

“As I kept fucking, Brian’s hole started to tighten on my cock. And I could see Brian’s eyes were drilling into mine. He had this pained yet amazed look on his face, like he was somewhere up in the clouds, but about to fall down to earth. That drove me over the edge. I pulled out of his hole…and jerked my cock hard…and my cum just started shooting all over him. I just came and came and came, until there was no more”.

“Brian took some of my cum in his fingers and used it as lube to jerk himself off. His legs were still spread wide open, so I put 3 fingers into his hole, now stretched wide with my fucking. That did it for him…he also came…shooting all over his chest, his own load mixing with my cum”.

Eric was now quite tense and his breath was coming in short gulps. He looked around, and when he saw that the lady at the far end had left the gym, he took a deep breath, leaned back into Dominic’s hard cock and muscled chest. He grabbed his throbbing cock through his gym shorts…and shot his load, his cum slowly soaking through his underwear and shorts. His cock continued to leak his load, as Dominic continued to pull on his nipples and rub against his back.

“Whew…that was hot!....and now I’ve cum all over myself”, Eric exclaimed.
And Dominic let out a short laugh. Both men looked at each other…one with a wet spot on the front of his gym shorts, and the other, with a large tent in his blue track pants.

Eric grabbed his workout towel and tried his best to cover his front side, as he made his way back to the locker room for a quick shower. With Eric gone, Dominic went to turn down most of the lights in the gym area. He returned to the now darkened gym, and stood in front of the mirror, staring at what he could see of his reflection in the large wall mirrors in the dark gym. He pulled off his shirt, and played with his chest and nipples… enjoying the sight of his massive muscled body, trying to make out the shape of his large bulge inside his track pants.

Dominic leaned against the workout machine, and stared at himself in the mirror. He cock was still hard and throbbing, as he recalled that first encounter with Brian. He got lost in his thoughts, and just stood there, glued to his reflection in the mirror for quite some time, as he then recalled the 2nd time he fucked Brian the other day.

“Ok, bro…see you another time. And thanks…”, Eric called out, breaking Dominic’s thoughts.

And with that…Eric left for the night, leaving Dominic alone with his thoughts, and his hard-on.


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