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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pare, Ang Sarap Mo! (end)

Submitted by Anonymous

It was Saturday, the day Andrew and I promised to meet for the second time. I woke up from an afternoon nap, grabbed a snack and went straight to the bathroom for a shower. I went all out naked, began soaping myself but the image of Andrew can't escape my mind, O got a hard on; my right hand instinctively searched for my dick and my left caressed my nipples, but I stopped before it totally got out of control; I have to reserve everything for him. I turned on the shower head so that the running cold water could erase what I was going through. I continued cleaning myself; I wanted to see to it that every part and every inch of my body smells good and tastes yummy when I meet Andrew. I sprayed 'Drakkar' all over my body after wearing a comfortable attire. I took my car out of the garage and drove while humming a favorite tune.

I arrived in Malolos at 5:50 PM, and just a little later I saw him approaching my car. He looked fresh and sported that sweetest smile.

"Hi! Kanina ka pa ba? Nainip ka ba sa'kin?" (Mga pare ko ang bango bango nya)

"OK lang. I was just 10 mins. earlier. So shall we? By the way where do you wanna go?"

"Anywhere, basta kasama kita."

"Touch naman ako, pare. OK, do you want to watch a movie? Let's go to Manila."

"That's fine with me."

We headed for the North Expressway all the way through Edsa until we found ourselves in Ayala. I parked the car in front of Greenbelt. After buying tickets in the booth and getting some drinks and popcorns, we entered the Greenbelt Theater. I cant recall the title of the movie because my concentration lies on my handsome date.

Since there were not much people inside the theater, my hand searched for his which later on found its way to his crotch. He already has a hard on. I kissed his lips, those soft, kissable lips, searched for his tounge and explored the inside of his mouth. Grabe, ang sarap sarap nya talaga. I lifted his shirt and alternately sucked the reddish nipples. He was moaning too hard, t'was good everybody's busy doing their things. With my other hand I unzipped his fly, pulled down his briefs and groped his incredibly hard dick. I stroke it up and down spreading his precum to serve as lubricant. 'Oooohhh.......shit, ang galing mo Joel,' whispered Andrew. After awhile I sensed that he's gonna cum soon because his cock is fully erect and he was moaning too hard. I pulled out my handkerchief, sealed his mouth with mine to prevent him from creating too much noise while having orgasm. Grabe sa daming inilabas nya, hingal sya ng hingal. I cleaned his dick and belly with the handkerchief. He gripped my hand while saying 'Thank You'. And I said: "Anything and everything as long as I can afford it, I'll give it to you, Andrew." And he said: "I Love You". I asked him if he was sure and he said he's gonna prove it. Without us knowing it, we fell asleep inside the moviehouse.

I woke up when I felt someone was stroking my head tenderly to find out it was Andrew. I checked the time: it was half past 10 PM. I told him it would be better if we can just spend the night in a hotel instead of driving home to Bulacan. Sobrang ngiti pa sya saying: "Approve!"

- E N D -

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