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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gym Bang - 1

Chapter 1

by Eric_HotStories.
Based on a real event.

Eric sat in the deserted sauna, relaxing after a good work-out. His demanding career left him with little free time, but Eric stuck to his discipline of regular exercise even when on one of his many business trips.  The results showed on his toned and evenly-muscled body, making him look a few years younger than his actual age.

After a hard workout with Raymond, his personal trainer, Eric rushed to catch the remaining few minutes in the sauna before the fitness center closed at 11 pm. He preferred working out in the fitness centers of four- or five-star hotels because It afforded more privacy and luxury unlike the regular fitness center chains. The sauna heat covered his pumped-up body, as he enjoyed some peace and quiet on a slow night like tonight. Eric usually liked working out at very late hours anyway, when almost everyone else had left,  leaving only one or two other late-night gym rats and fitness staff.

Through the small glass window of the sauna, he could see the deserted locker room hallway, with the row of shower cubicles lined up on the right, and 3 small massage rooms on the left. The fitness center of this hotel offered in-house massage for its members and hotel guests, usually done by some of the gym trainers who doubled up as masseurs.

A few minutes before closing time, a lean-muscled guy walked out of one of these massage rooms, followed by his masseur, who Eric recognized as one of the gym trainers, a massively built guy named Dominic.

“OK, Brian… see you in a while”, Dominic waved to the lean-muscled guy who was heading for the sauna, as he walked away to collect the towels and tidy up the rest of the locker room for closing time.

“Thanks, Dominic…”, Brian replied to his masseur, as he opened the sauna door. He gave Eric a shy smile, and readjusted the white towel wrapped around his middle before settling himself on the bench across Eric. He leaned back on the wooden sauna walls and closed his eyes.

After a few minutes, Brian stirred a little and stretched his legs, causing his towel to open up slightly. To Eric, Brian just looked so desirable and hot…stretched out with his eyes closed, his motionless lean body starting to glisten with sweat. 

Thinking that the fitness center was now empty except for himself and the other guy Brian in the sauna and Dominic, the fitness trainer-massuer, Eric started to play with himself, discreetly rubbing his hardening cock through his towel, and hoping that Brian would open his eyes and get the cue.  When suddenly the sauna door opened and Raymond walked in. “ “Hi, Eric….Hi, Brian, …..just soaking in a little heat, before showering and packing up…”, he said.  Raymond was the night shift gym supervisor, and also Eric’s personal trainer for the past few months.

With Raymond now in the sauna with them, Eric dared not do anything.

After a few more minutes, Brian wrapped up his towel and left to shower. As the gym was already closing soon, Eric also left the sauna to shower, while Raymond started to shut down the sauna and turn off the lights in that section of the facilities.

Eric entered the shower, just as Brian was leaving the shower … with his towel loosely slung over his shoulder, revealing a nice tight ass, and a glimpse of his cock, partly hidden by the towel as Brian walked butt naked back to his massage room to get dressed. Eric also saw that Raymond had left the sauna area and had quickly donned his track pants and T-shirt, and seemed to be on his way out.

Eric quickly dressed, but before leaving….he looked around the locker room and down the hallway. It was serenely quiet. The other guy (Brian’s masseur) was nowhere to be seen. Probably he was off delivering the pile of soiled towels to the laundry area. But Eric noticed that one of the massage rooms, where Brian was getting dressed, was open and there was a small light on.

Slinging his gym bag over his shoulder, Eric slowly walked down the quiet locker room hallway. When he passed the open and dimly lit massage room, he saw Brian leaning against the massage bed, smoking a cigarette, with a far-away unfocused look on his face…naked. Brian was slowly jacking a semi-hard cock. Eric stopped in his tracks, his heart quickly pounding, and he could feel his face heating up. He was glued motionless staring at Brian. When Brian saw Eric, he quickly covered himself, and turned away. Eric was aroused but disappointed because it seemed Brian didn’t want anyone to intrude on his private moment. So Eric just walked on down towards the far end of the hallway. He stood in the darkened sauna area catching his breath, before walking back up the hallway. When he passed the still-open door, he peered in and saw Brian now lying on his back on the massage bed, slowly stroking his hardening cock. Eric broke out in a sweat, and looked longingly at the growing big boner, which seemed to be more than 7-inches…a good deal of it stuck out past Brian’s fist as he slowly jacked himself. Staying quiet, Eric stood there and watched Brian jack himself off. Not being able to stand it any longer, Eric quietly dropped his bag by the door, and tiptoed into the room.  He tried to close the door very quiety behind him. Approaching the massage bed, he slowly reached out to caress Brian’s balls with his left hand, while gently grazing Brian’s cock head with his right. This time, Brian just let go, and allowed Eric to play with his cock.

Eric moved to the side of the massage bed. The sight of Brian’s lean muscled body inflamed Eric. He leaned over Brian’s hard chest to lick his left nipple, then his right. Brian arched his back and let out a slow moan. Giving in to his growing lust, Brian spread his legs to allow Eric’s caressing hands to grab his balls and stroke his cock. Eric was now licking Brian’s chest, and then slowly worked his way down Brian’s hot torso… slowly licking and kissing the tight abs, following the thin hair trail leading further down. Brian had his eyes closed and was breathing deeply. Eric opened his mouth. Without bothering to first  gently lick Brian’s cock head, he just swallowed all of Brian’s thick long cock in one gulp…straight down his throat.

“Aaaaaarrgggh….”, Brian gasped loudly, as Eric’s throat muscles squeezed on Brian’s invading cockhead. Tightening his slurping mouth on Brian’s rock hard cock, Eric pulled up and dove back down again, while his tongue swirled around Brian’s cock. His right hand continued to tweak Brian’s left nipple, while his left hand reached under Brian’s balls, to lift up his ass and drive Brian’s cock even deeper into his mouth. The only thing on Eric’s mind was that he wanted to impale himself on Brian’s thick juicy cock. He lips worked itself up the throbbing flesh while his left hand pushed Brian’s ass upward, and then in the next stroke, he dove deep down the whole length, driving Brian’s cock straight down his mouth and throat in one gulp.

While he slurped up and down on Brian’s cock, gorging himself on the meaty hot rod, Eric started to rub his own hard cock, still wrapped in his blue-gray gym shorts, against the side of the massage bed. Brian was breathing deeply in one moment, then moaning deeply in the next.

As Eric sucked on Brian’s cock, he glance landed a small bottle of oil by Brian’s outstretched legs. Without letting go of Brian’s cock in his mouth, he reached out for the bottle, snapped open the plastic lid and let some oil dribble out on his left fingers.  Eric started to knead Brian’s ball. His oiled fingers worked its way to Brian’s hole. He wasn’t sure Brian would be okay with some ass play because he seemed like a dominant and hot-pounding top guy.

But as Eric probed firmly around the pulsing hole, Brian started to spread his legs out some more, and lifted up his ass to meet Eric’s probing fingers. Without letting go of Brian’s cock in his mouth, Eric pushed in a finger into Brian’s hole and firmly massaged Brian’s prostate area.

“AAAAAAaaaaarrggghh….”, Brian moaned loudly, as he spread out his legs up  into the air, and his hand reached out for his cock to jack it.

Eric reached out to keep Brian’s hands away from his cock, wanting to just use his mouth, while he aggressively started to finger fuck Brian’s well-lubed hole first with one  finger, then with two fingers.

Brian’s hole hungrily tightened around Eric’s fingers. Eric thought, this guy’s been fucked before. In fact, he loves being fucked…!!!

Brian was now thrashing about wildly on the massage bed, as Eric slobbered over Brian’s cock, and his fingers ravished Brian’s hole. 

Then, Brian suddenly sat up, pushed Eric off his cock, and pulled out Eric’s hand from his ass. His eyes were glazed over, and he inhaled deeply as he tried to regain control of his senses. But his hands were on his cock, jacking it off.

Brian got off the massage bed, and grabbed a cigarette from the sidetable by the door.  Eric noticed all of Brian’s clothes and stuff strewn all over the table and floor, along with packs of condoms and cigarettes. Strangely, there were also a number of beer cans on the table. “Hmmm….was there some kind of party going on here earlier with Brian and his masseur…?”, Eric wondered.

As Brian lit up another cigarette and leaned against the massage bed, he grabbed Eric by the shoulders and pushed him down on his knees. Eric was hot to get Brian’s big slab of meat down his throat again, so he opened his mouth and engulfed it hungrily.

Occasionally, Brian would draw out his cock from the grip of the tight mouth, to smack Eric’s face with it, before putting it back on his outstretched tongue. On his knees now, Eric reached into his own shorts to bring out his cock and start stroking it.

What a hot sight… a mature,  dignified-looking  and built guy down on his knees, his shorts bunched around his thighs with his cock in his hand, and a tall lean-muscled dark-skinned young man pushing his burgeoning cock into a tight mouth.

The door slowly creaked open, and out of the corner of his eyes, Eric saw Brian’s trainer-masseur quietly walk in. Dominic picked up a can of beer from the side table and drank it down, while standing there, watching Eric gorge himself on Brian’s pulsing cock.  Having another guy, this well-built fitness trainer in gym shorts and tight blue tank tops, watching him feast on Brian’s long thick cock blew Eric’s mind away.. “What now…?”, he eagerly wondered.

Eric longed for Dominic to join in. Dominic had a massive body-builder’s frame, and was all grade-A prime meat. He tried to reach out to grope Dominic’s crotch through his gym track pants. But Dominic just stood there slightly out of reach, holding his beer can. And as silently as he came in, Dominic put his can of beern down, left the room and closed the door behind him.

After a few minutes, Dominic knocked on the door, and called out that it was way past closing time. Brian pushed Eric off his cock, and walked out the door…fully naked with his big erect cock leading the way.  Brian walked up and down the deserted hallway a bit. Seeing no one else around,  he returned to the room.  He led Eric back in with him, pushed him back down on the floor to continue the wet and deep blowjob. This time, the door remained open. In a few minutes, Dominic was back.

“It’s way past closing time. You’d better wrap this up now. “ Dominic, said. “I have to close down the place”, he added before walking away.

“I need to cum…..”, Brian hoarsely whispered, as he grabbed his cock and started vigorously jacking it, while slapping it on Eric’s outstretched tongue. Still he didn’t seem to be close to cumming. He kept jacking his hard cock even harder and moaned some more.

Dominic returned, and told Eric…”Hey sir, I have to bring you out now, because we’ve locked the front door”.

Disappointed and horny, Eric stood up and pulled up his gym shorts over his still-raging cock. He picked up his bag and followed Dominic to the reception area.

Dominic let Eric out, locked the door behind him, and walked back in, probably to wait for Brian to pack up all of his stuff and lead him out too.

Hot, horny and frustrated, Eric slowly walked out of darkened fitness center foyer with a raging hard-on. He couldn’t get his mind off Brian… and Dominic…


Dear readers, if you like this please let me know. There are a few more chapters to this story. I will post the rest if you like it. From


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